Python Month workshop @ BCREC


PyCon India 2013 is celebrating this month of August as the Python Month. Colleges all over India are organizing python workshops in the occasion of this Python Month.

We are some students, who love python and love helping other students to learn. This Python Month appeared to be the perfect way to organize the python workshop.

The volunteers were  Avik Ghosh ,Subhendu Ghosh, Sudip Maji, Atish Kumar, Bodhiswattwa Tewari, Biraj Karmakar, Shantanu Sarkar, Sheesh Mohsin and myself.

The workshop started with a “WHY PYTHON” introductory speech by Avik Ghosh. Avik described why we should use python, how efficient it is and the scope of python in different fields of programming and other related stuff.

This was followed by the hands on workshop, conducted by me. The hands on workshop covered the basics of python.

We wanted this workshop to be exciting and wanted to show the participants some awesome real life applications of python.

So I wrote 5 small, yet interesting codes, which were:

1. Downloading a file (I made them download Kushal Das’s Python for You and Me book using python’s urllib module)

They were amazed to see the code was only two lines.

2. Posting a status in facebook ( using fbconsole)

3. Sending an email ( i used python smtplib to do this)

4. Downloading PyCon US 2013 videos from a python script.

5. A python crawler.

The crawler starts searching “pycon india” in, loads the pycon india page, and clicks and ends up opening the python month page.

The participants were very excited on seeing the above codes and how small they were.  Heres the link to the codes:

Here is the link to the slides:


Overall, the event was a success.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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