My first mozilla patch


Sometime in November last year, Sayan Chowdhury told me to find and fix bugs from the mozilla codebase. All he told me, was to google out the procedure (I couldnt do it then coz my laptop display was broken). When I finally fixed my laptop, I started to google on fixing bugs. Found out about the mozilla developer network in no time. The site was cool but, I had to read through a number of guides.

Finally, after a lot of reading, I came across the guide, “Contributing to the Mozilla codebase“. This guide was interesting and helped me find a bug right-away.  It provided me with some very helpful pages like and

Mozilla categorizes bugs as :

1. Mentored bugs, which are easy to solve
2. “Good” first bugs, which are a bit stale
3. Student Projects, which are as good as  a final year project

I took up a good first bug on the 12th of April, (this is the link), and started working on it. :whimboo was my mentor and others like :davehunt and :jfrench helped me while i was fixing the bug.

:whimboo gave me the link to the mozmill git repository, i cloned it onto my system, and started working off the master branch. Finally, when the code looked good, i made the commit, rebased it and made the patch. Now, since I didn’t have permissions to push to the master branch, I attached the patch on to the bug, and set the review flag as ?.

Finally, today,  when the patch looked good enough, :whimboo merged it to the master branch.

Link to my commit :
Link to the bugzilla page :


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