mozmentoring @ bcrec


The programme, mozmentoring @ bcrec kicked off today, the 17th of April. The idea behind this program is to increase awareness among budding engineers on contributing to mozilla in terms of coding, localization, designing and SUMO.

We have planned to organize such mozmentoring sessions every month to make sure every student gets the opportunity to showcase their talent by doing productive work, and in the process, being a part of mozilla.

Chandan Kumar gave the students an introductory speech on IRC, FOSS, mailing lists and the different areas in which they can contribute to mozilla. They were then divided into three basic teams according to their interests :

1. The design team.
2. The localisation and the SUMO team
3. The coding team

Umesh Agarwal took responsibility of the design team, Biraj Karamkar the localisation team and Amit Kumar Thakur the SUMO team.

I was assigned the responsibility of the coding team. This team was further divided into two subgroups – frontend and backend. Apoorv Ashutosh demonstrated mozilla webmaker tools to the frontend group whereas I introduced the backend group to the mozilla bugzilla and the mozilla developer network. Subhendu and Zubin helped out the coding team by clearing doubts and answering questions raised by the members.

The next session will be held some time in mid August, probably between the 15th and 20th. (The semester exams is the reason behind this delay)

Mozpad link :

IRC channel for discussions : #india in

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