mozconnect @ durgapur


Experienced my first mozilla event today, mozconnect @ durgapur was simply out of the box. The event was held at a popular restaurant, Evelyn, located at Bidhannagar, Durgapur.

The purpose of the event was to connect with potential contributors identified at the mozcafe held a few months earlier. The attendees included contributors from my college who work for translation, coding, SUMO and two mozilla reps, Shahid Farooqi and Biraj Karamkar.

We introduced ourselves and discussed about various fields of development that each of us were working upon. For me, I was working on a mozmill bug and we had a small discussion on fixing the bug.

One of the major among several other decisions were, to organize a monthly meet up at our college campus to stay connected and maintain a constant pace in working and developing for mozilla.

Chandan Kumar presented his ideas on improving the quality of translation of various languages by using a screenshot comparison method.

And lastly, we enjoyed small casual talks over lunch. The food tasted great 🙂

The event turned out to be a successful one and everyone of us enjoyed it thoroughly. We got to know different and some very talented people, and am sure working with this wonderful team would be more like an opportunity.

Anywayz, here are some shots that I’d like to share with you,

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