CLI in VLC Media Player


Was looking for command line tools to play media and found out a cooler side of our very own vlc media player.

This is the rc module, a command line interface. You need to operate it with some commands.

To use the rc module, open the terminal and type in any of the commands :

vlc --intf rc
vlc -I rc

The possible choices are:

 ?                 achan             add
 adev              alias             atrack
 chapter           chapter_n         chapter_p
 clear             crop              description
 enqueue           f                 F
 faster            fastforward       frame
 fullscreen        get_length        get_time
 get_title         goto              gotoitem
 help              hotkey            info
 is_playing        key               license
 lock              logout            longhelp
 loop              menu              next
 normal            pause             play
 playlist          prev              quit
 random            rate              repeat
 rewind            save_env          sd
 search            seek              set
 shutdown          slower            snapshot
 sort              stats             status
 stop              strack            title
 title_n           title_p           vcrop
 vdeinterlace      vdeinterlace_mode vlm
 voldown           volume            volup
 vratio            vtrack            vzoom

Screenshot from 2013-03-27 01:12:07


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