My second app, Expense Manager


Its been about 2 weeks since I started working on my second python application. I chose to make an expense manager which would be clean and simple and very easy to use.
For the last few days, I had a tough time getting along with gtk, but as of now, I am well acquainted with the library, infact, I am quite loving the way things are working.
The application, as of now, features detailed preview of monthly expenses, options to add new expenses and view overall monthly statistics.
The app is not fully complete, although most of it is done, but still. I want to implement certain features like dynamic graphs with matplotlib which will show live statistics, multiuser interface with login credentials, editing or deleting previous records, adding year as gtk notebook.
The code is available at my github repository,

I dont really know when will I be able to complete the ideas mentioned above, I am actually running out of time since my semester exams are less than a month away….got to start studying the so called boring ‘syllabus’…. 😦 😛

Anyways, here are some screenshots I have taken,

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