Hi everyone, the second day of the online summer training at was as exciting as the first one……

This session was taken by kushal. He taught us FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard).

FHS is the way in which Linux maintains its system files and folders. Having a look at it, we find that they are quite different from that of windows. Note that all files and folders appear under root ‘/ ‘ :

  1. /bin                        :           This folder contains all commands used by all users such as cd, ls, mv, rm.
  2. /dev                       :           Linux loads the hardware devices here. The devices can found as files here.
  3. /home                    :           This is the home directory for users.
  4. lost+found             :           This folder is from the os and as the name suggests, it keeps files which may get deleted in the process.
  5. /mnt                      :           Used to mount other file systems such as a network file system.
  6. /proc                     :           This is a virtual file system which gives runtime process information.
  7. /sbin                     :           Special commands for system administrators are kept here.
  8. /srv                        :           Services specific data from the system.
  9. /tmp                      :           All applications keep temporary files here.
  10. /var                       :           Contains variable data files.
  11. /boot                     :           Everything required for boot process resides here. Also includes some configuration files.
  12. /etc                        :           Contains all configurations files. No binary files or other files go there. They are static and change is not necessary unless you are changing some configurations.
  13. /lib                         :           Contains all the libraries.
  14. /media                   :           Mounts all removable devices.
  15. /opt                        :           To keep additional softwares.
  16. /root                       :           This is the home folder of the root user.

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